How do you go against

 your parents' wishes?

Rejoice is a brand known for just one thing – giving you very smooth hair. But its passive and dated image is simply not appealing enough for the young Chinese women. In a country where there’s pressure for young woman to live up to societal and parental expectations, does it always have to be a battle to do what they want? 

So on Father’s Day, we set out to redefine Rejoice: having to choose between their parents’ wishes and their dreams, we showed young women that chasing their dreams is not all about fighting head-on, but by flowing like water and smoothing out obstacles along the way. 

Case Study Board

Campaign Journey

Social Video

Limited Edition Gift Box

Proposed limited edition box with special magnetic locks for TMALL campaign launch.

To bring out the idea of following your heart despite discouragement from family and friends,

rearrange the tiles to convert a negative sentence to a positive one to unlock the box.

The shoot was also a tough one. Besides having to send our GCD to the hospital in the middle of a 2 day shoot, we also had to continue our shoot outdoors in the middle of a typhoon. This is also the first time I got the opportunity to work with a composer on the full-length song featured in the video – which even got picked up by a digital radio station for broadcast after our campaign was launched!

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Shanghai

Executive Creative Director: Jazzy Chan

Associate Creative Director: Chanfron Zhao

Creative Group Head: Wong Shi Min